Who are we ?

We are a Cape Town based company that provides solutions to our clients requirements using SLA 3d printing and laser cutting technology. We also do laser cutting and engraving to any requirements.

3d Printing. 

We have recently decided to suspend our FDM (Plastic filament) printing services. The poor economy and lack of orders was just not economical for us. So we are now fully focused on SLA printing using our Form 2 (www.formlabs.com) printer which is a high resolution resin printer capable of astonishing detail and finish. 

This printer is fully capable of a wide spectrum of prints from engineering to jewelry to figurines, due to its ability to get detail on the prints. 

Please have a look at our 3d printing page for more info. 

Laser Cutting & Engraving.

We can cut any material except steel up to a maximum thickness of 12mm and engrave just about any substrate. The engraving on a machine like this is exceptional and the possibilities are endless. Please see our laser cutting page here or check out our Facebook page for more up to date projects. 

Our Mission Statement.

To be the SLA 3d printing service of choice.

  • To offer excellent high quality Service
  • To always be friendly, helpful and go 110% to help our clients meet their needs. 

Our Motto is ................ If you can imagine it we can make it come to life.

The world of 3d printing is rapidly changing the landscape of the industrial world and we decided to be part of that change. 

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