Here you will find a portfolio of some of our previous work. This is not all of it, but a few selected projects and commissions we have done. Unfortunately the sensitive nature of most of our work prohibits us from showing most of it due to NDA's and patent applications by our clients. 

3d Printed bottle for label design.

 We were commissioned to do a 3d model and 3d print of a new bottle design for a company called Fanakalo based in Stellenbosch.

 They specialize in graphic design and branding. Specifically this project was for a 3d printed model of the bottle for which they are busy designing a label and they needed the bottle as an object to be able to test wrap and fit their design label on it. Since the bottle was only going to be used as a template for the real one later, it was decided to do a lower resolution print but maintain structural strength. 

You can see more of Fanakalo’s work on their website here : www.fanakalo.co.za


Baxmod RC Ratel parts

We were asked by Chris Baxter from Baxmod to assist with the 3d printing of his RC Ratel gearbox housing. He had a tight deadline so we managed to squeeze the job in over a weekend and have a 48 hour turn around by the end of the weekend for him. 

Below is a copy of the write up that Chris put on his Facebook Page 


Carabiner Retainer System

We were approached by a client to help solve the problem of theft of their carabiners on their construction site. We were given one set of Carabiner and cable lug to work with. We developed a retainer slide that prevents the carabiner from being slid out of the lug, yet still had more then enough room to fully move and twist to a large degree. The 3d printed prototype was tested on the actual samples and works excellent.